Technology & IT

Takht Ertebatat Pagan (TCP)
TCP at a glance

IranTCP started its work in the field of ICT in 2013, and now has more than 5 years of experience in hardware and software in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT),

With our young and skilled experts, preparedness to provide services In the field of consulting, purchasing, commissioning and support of all computer software and hardware.

By using our knowledge and experience as well as our experience in implementing various projects, we are able to provide advice and suggestions on how to use ICT technology.


1- Consult on computer networks
2- Advice and installation of integrated software systems
3- Advice on the purchase of ICT equipment
4- Set up a variety of wired, wireless and fiber networks, both LAN and WAN
5- Set up VPN networks for communications between branches and radio communications
6- Installation and installation of computer network infrastructure such as switch, router and firewall (Cisco – Mikrotik – Kerio Control)
7- Installation and installation of servers, virtualization and Cloud
8- Installation and maintenance of Microsoft server services such as Domain, Mail Server, File Server, Print Server and …
9- Provide New Backup Solutions (Veeam-Acronis)
10- Installation and installation of networked telephone systems (Asterisk – Issabel).
11- Installation and installation of network cameras (CCTV), equipping monitoring rooms and networked paging systems
12- Creating and developing web-based enterprise software