Agrange Procurement Department
Procurement Department at a glance

This department in the field of Procurement to supply of Materials and equipment in Piping, Instrument, Mechanical and Chemical through European, Korean and AVL Manufacturers in Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals fields. The long experience gathered during years of activity ensures that Agrange is one of the powerful companies for supply of all industrial equipment and materials. Also, We offer services such as engineering, planning, and budgeting as well as services to do with opening up markets, the development of procurement networks and sales structures to include advertising concepts together with the necessary controlling for individual projects or complete business enterprises.

How we work

With specific and remarkable capabilities within Agrange Procurement Department, we have successfully carried out various tasks for different industrial and non-industrial projects; sourcing material and equipment, procurement engineering services and appropriate commercial affairs. Based on our valuable experiences in engineering and commercial teams, our company offers the best quality and valuable procurement services, especially in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry.
Agrange Procurement Department policy (called “4B” policy) in procurement services and supplying material and equipment is summarized in four categories as follows:
Best Quality:
Agrange Procurement Department believes in the durability of the equipment.
Best Price:
Agrange Procurement Department believes in providing customers with the best price offers
Best Reliability:
Agrange Procurement Department believes in cooperating with reputable manufacturers who provide high-quality products and reliable after-sales services.
Best Lead time:
Agrange Procurement Department respects the schedule planned by our esteemed clients
Regarding our long-term cooperation and partnership with different reputable manufacturers around the world, Agrange Procurement Departmentis quite competent in supplying material and equipment based on client’s requirements and international standards. It should be noted that our procurement
services are accompanied by appropriate engineering services required.


Procurement services such as:
• Finance and LC
• Preparing MR from engineering output
• Sourcing plan
• Quotation tracking
• Technical Bid Evaluation
• PO and post PO activities
• Forwarding
• Material Chain Control Management
• Field Material Control and Warehouse Management
• Inspection and QA/QC
• Transport and Logistics

Done Projects

• Piping Materials supply for Jahanpars Co
• Gasoline Vapor Recovery Unit – Tehran Tank Farm
• IOEC – Piping Special Material supply for IOEC offshore Project.
• Pipeline Pump and spare parts supply for Burhan West and Harmal
• Inconel 625 pipe, Fitting and Flange supply for Jahanpars Co,  Azar project.
• S.S and C.S pipes supply for Azar Ab Co, Isfahan Refinery Project.
• Piping Materials supply for Sazeh Consultant Co.
• S.S and C.S Fitting supply for Azar Ab Co. Isfahan Refinery Project.
• Instrument Device supply for Razi Petrochemical Co.
• Piping material and S.S and Alloy plates and Round Bar supply for Busheher Petrochemical Co.

Tenders in hand

• Pump and Instrument Spare parts supply for Arak Petrochemical Co.
• Tank Gauging System supply for Arak Refinery.
• Laboratory Equipment supply for Arak Refinery.
• Catalyst supply for Khorasan Petrochemical Co.
• Special alloy piping material supply for Khorasan Petrochemical Co.
• Pumps supply for Dorood off shore production unit.
•Instrumentation supply for Dorood off shore production unit.
• Piping Material supply for Dorood off shore production unit.
• F & G System for Isfahan Refinery supply for Azaab Co.
• 30” casing Material supply for Petro Iran Kish Co.